O2Prime BioDefender

Come Back to Your Buildings with 

Introducing the new Patent-Pending BioDefender

Portable Ionization Technology to Combat Indoor Air Quality Issues

Distributes Ions Directly to Spaces

O2Prime BioDefender
O2Prime BioDefender

The World's First PORTABLE Ionization Technology-Ozone-Free & Maintenance-Free

Effective against MRSA, C.Diff, E. coli, and Norovirus and other bacteria causing viruses both in the air and on surfaces.  O2Prime also removes airborne particles from the breathing zone!

Our world has been hit with a pandemic like none of us have seen before; we are here to help. Right now, indoor air quality is at the forefront of everyone's mind and they want to feel safe again; safe to return to work, school, or just regular life. Currently our main challenge is to communicate to the world we have a solution that can help with indoor air quality and the issues at hand!

Life presents challenges and 2020 has delivered a formidable opponent that has reached beyond a local or even regional impact. Social distancing and quarantines are useful when attempting to slow or stall a pandemic. Long term, social distancing is counterproductive to teamwork. Regardless of the type of facility you have, bringing employees, staff and customers back to the building doesn't have to produce concerns over the health of the air or the indoor environment.


  • O2Prime technology creates millions of positive and negative ions that normally exist in nature.
  • The ions attack viruses, bacteria, pathogens and mold at the molecular level, breaking them down and robbing them of their hydrogen molecules necessary for survival.
  • O2Prime addresses the surface and airborne pathogens in the space as well as those in the HVAC duct system.